The K. A. Röhr Company deals with the construction and fabrication of lampholders for since about 65 years.

The lampholders are used in projectors for film projectors, photo and television, medical technology, materials technology (crystal growing), runway lights at airports and for different other purposes.

This catalogue contents a great deal of mass products. Besides, there are a lot of customized lampholders. In that case K.A. Röhr modified the type to the wishes of the customers and the demands of the apparatuses.

The different connexions (crews, cables) can be chosen, as well as the material of the cable (copper, nickel etc.) and the manner of isolation conforming to the voltage respectively to the temperature of the environment (PVC, silicon, PTFE, Kapton, glass fibre).

Should you not find the desired lampholder or the construction needed in this catalogue, please, do not hesitate to ask us.

Subject to alterations, errors excepted.